Thursday, May 25, 2006

News of the world.

Well, ZuckerBaby's world, anyway.

I've been in a new job for a couple of months, and that's going well. Lots of learning, and doing, and more learning, so I'm asleep most of the time that I'm not at work. Which is always fun.

I'm really enjoying the new job, and hope it lasts past the 3 to 6 month contract that I'm currently on.

I've been to a couple of comedy gigs in the last month or so. Dylan Moran was wrinkled and grumpy and venomous and surreal and utterly hilarious. And sexy. Did I mention sexy?

I also saw Lano and Woodley's Goodbye show. I've been a lazy fan of these guys ever since I saw them performing as the Found Objects on the Big Gig back in...1989? Ish.... I've never seen them live, however, and after seeing one of their farewell shows, I'm kinda peeved at myself that I never got around to seeing them before! And I have to admit, I think Frank Wood is kinda, umm, sexy. Did I say sexy? I it, yeah, sexy. Now I'm going to go out and find some of their dvds and so on - The Island and the Adventures of Lano and Woodley.

Erm...what else? I bought ridiculous shoes recently, which has been fun. How ridiculous? Pretty damned ridiculous. And I love them...

My half sister just rang me to announce her pregnancy, which is very exciting! My friend's kids all call me Aunty ZuckerBaby, but it will be kinda nice to be an actual by-some-blood aunt.

Erm. I think that's your lot for today - the sleepiness comes upon me, and I must away to lie on the couch and watch Voyager...

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