Monday, August 21, 2006


Okay, I'm breakin' my loooooooooooong silence to say this:

There are many movies in the world. There's a lot of imagination. There are, for some reason, an inordinate number of remakes. There are, rarely, movies that do not suffer from being remade - movies that need to be remade - movies that everyone else had forgotten about and got a resurgence in popularity because of the remake.

But, seriously, I'm hard pressed to think of any remake that meets the above criteria - most remakes suck arse.

And, I have to say, I am ridiculously upset that some fucking moron in Hollywoodland decided to remake one of the best movies of my teen years.

How can you remake Hairspray? How? I realise that it's been running as a successful musical on stage for a few years now, and hey! so was The Producers (which, surprisingly, was a remake that I didn't loathe - I quite enjoyed it)! Let's make a movie out of it, wotcha think?

You know - the Producers was a movie made almost 40 years ago - having a remake becomes almost understandable. But a movie that was made less than 20 years ago - that shit doesn't need a remake. It's barely cold in it's grave, people!!

Plus, I know that the woman that they get to play Tracy Turnblad will be the Hollywood version of Plus Size, not at all the big, proud, gorgeous woman that Ricki Lake was back when she worked with John Waters. And that sucks. And also, misses one of the main points of the movie...


Though John Revolting as Edna Turnblad does kind of pique the interest.

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