Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Nothing is Original But This is New

The moment when two people connect is one that is nigh on impossible to describe to anyone other than those two people – and often as impossible for those two people to explain to each other.

The myths, mysticism, rules and strictures that we apply to that connection play such a huge part of our experience of the world, and seem to exist only to confuse and confuzzle us even further than we are already by consciousness on this round blue ball.

I tend to think that these stories play such a huge part of our culture because, no matter how you get there and how close you get to someone, you will never ever be anywhere except in your own head. You will never ever be able to see inside of theirs, and this is where the rules and quests for reassurance and the fights and the excuses and the general babble of relationships arise. Because it can feel like you know this person inside and out, and yet you can’t hear them in the most intimate manner possible.

Sage and strongly believed advice I’ve received over the years: Never go for someone younger, never go for someone older, someone your own age may not be the best choice, never go for someone who has been single for over twelve months, never go for someone unless they’ve been single for at least twelve months, always make sure that you share at least five interests in common, too many common interests means that you should just be friends, the sex should start tentatively and get better, if the sex starts badly it’ll never get any better, if the sex starts explosively that’s all it will ever be, sex on the first date means that the relationship means nothing, making or taking booty calls will mean that they’ll think you’re a slut, men and women will never understand each other so why try, women only want to control, men only want to be controlled, this is a war to be fought throughout the ages, love is all you need, love is never enough, lust should be discouraged, love takes forever, love happens in that first meeting, love doesn’t exist, pheromones are to blame, it’s all about the chemical reaction, we’re attracted to good breeding stock, we’re attracted to that which will destroy us, we’re attracted to the same person over and over again, never be the rebound relationship, the first relationship always fails, we learn from each person we’re with, we’re always the same person no matter who we’re with, it’s not a relationship until a defined amount of time has passed, you should never call it a relationship, don’t talk about whether you want kids, establish immediately if you want the same things, never make jokes whilst having sex, you need to laugh when having sex, it’s not fucking if you’re in a relationship, it should always be fucking no matter what, mind games are necessary to make him do what you want him to, mind games kill whatever you’ve started, spend all of your time together, don’t smother each other, and for gods sake don’t vomit this jumble of thoughts all over that person because they’re never going to understand, talk about everything – it’s the only way to connect…..

No wonder we’re fucked up about this stuff.

The moments of clarity that you have together, they are what and what should always matter: Lying in bed, dappled sunlight, he’s kissing the inside of your forearm while you tell him about new tattoos, everything feels warm and static and you could swear that the air has stilled and the outside world has stopped and nothing is real except this indescribable beinginthemomentness; holding hands for no other reason other than holding hands feels nice; having to stand on tippy toes to kiss him; the sound of his voice on the phone, knowing that he's halfway around the world; feeling the way that you’re smiling and seeing the way that he’s smiling and it’s nothing more than the sight of each other that has caused these silly grins; his hand caressing your face for the first time, a ridiculous drunken fumbling kiss that nonetheless runs throughout your entire body.

Everything else, all those myths and concepts and lessons learned - yes they’re all real and will be there in your head and always part of how you understand (or don’t understand) this experience, but for this time, this glorious apart from the world initial discovery time – they should be nothing but a distant hum.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

That's Me Trying

As the year approaches Father’s Day, a day I have always resented because it fell so close to (and occasionally on) my birthday, and I had no reason that I could see to celebrate it, I thought I would reopen this blog with a post that is intensely personal. You know, just because why the fuck not?

And as with everything in my life - good, bad, indifferent - this story starts with genre television.

Sort of.

When I first got a copy of “Has Been” by William Shatner, I was so excited to hear his collaboration with great musicians, and also to enjoy the delicious ridiculousness of his performance.

What I didn’t really expect was to become such a fan of (most) of the album - so much so that at least two or three of the songs from the album are still always in a playlist for my iPod (now an iPhone, which, best.toy.ever).

There was always one song that I found that I couldn’t listen to at all, though. The first time I heard it I found myself really angry, and the second time I heard it (an accidental experience whilst unpacking in a hostel somewhere in New Zealand, where I couldn’t hit the skip button due to my cd player being stuck under a pile of dirty clothes) I sobbed for a unknown period of time, sitting on the floor of an unknown room, alone in an unknown but wonderful country.

And it wasn’t just because of Bill’s overblown performance, either.

That’s Me Trying

"I got your address from the phone book at the library/
Wandered in, looked you up and you were there/
Weird that you've been living, maybe, 2 miles away for the best part of 20 years/
You must be, what, in your early forties now/
If I remember/
You were born in June or was it May?/
Eisenhower was the president although it may have been JFK/
Years of silence/
Not enough, who could blame us giving up?/
Above the quiet there's a buzz/
That's me trying/
You still working in that store on Ventura?/
You still going with--no, that's not fair/
I know I haven't been the very best of dads/
I'll hold my hand up there/
The reason that I'm writing is that I'd like for us to meet/
Get a little daughter dad action going soon/
We can put things behind us/
Eat some pizza, drink some beer/
You still see your sister?/
Bring her, too/
Years of silence, not enough/
Who could blame us giving up?/
Above the quiet there's a buzz/
That's me trying/
But I don't want to talk about any of that bad stuff/
Why I missed out on your wedding and your high school graduation/
I'd like to explain, but I can't/
So let's keep things neutral/
Stick to topics that won't bug us/
How 'bout this?/
Let's choose a book and we'll read it before we meet/
Then we can sit down at a restaurant/
Have a look at the menu and talk about it while we eat/
See, if we never had a problem/
Then that's what life would be like/
So let's just pretend that the past didn't happen/
I don't really like thrillers/
I don't want to know if I've got grandchildren/
No need to tell me where I went wrong/
I don't want to know what happened in your thirties/
You wanna try 'Cold Mountain'?/
Or is that too long?/
Years of silence, not enough/
Who could blame us giving up?/
Above the quiet there's a buzz/
That's me trying/
I'm trying"

2009 marked almost 17 years since I had last seen or spoken to my father. We had been separate most of my childhood, with gaps of months or years between seeing each other. I was so angry at him at the time, so fixated on the fact that every time I looked in the mirror all I saw was his face and none of my mother’s, and so disappointed that he was so absent in my life. Thus when we reconnected briefly when I was 16, and he offered to be part of my life again, it was the last thing that I wanted and I told him as much.

(Years of silence, not enough/Who could blame us giving up?)

Over the intervening years I thought about him and occasionally poked at the psychological wound of his absence, and upon being introduced to the internet found myself trying to find him somewhere out there in cyberspace - and when I did find a mention of him, shutting down the browser so fast that it was nothing but a blur.

However, some time in the last couple of years, a shift occurred within me - partly due to becoming an aunt, partly from the simple act of growing up, partly due to wanting to know where the hell I come from and what it is that makes me Leigh and a need to fill in some of the blanks of my history.

Thus there were the tentative first steps of contacting that side of my family, clandestine meetings with my aunt and cousins and their husbands and their children, being introduced to my grandfather for the first time in my living memory.

After about a year of this dance I decided that I didn’t like it, it didn’t have a beat that I dug and that avoiding the actual issue was getting silly, so I got his email address from my aunt, sat down and sent him an email.

(The reason that I'm writing is that I'd like for us to meet/Get a little daughter dad action going soon)

Then, somewhat overcome by my actions, I turned off my computer and went to bed.

In the morning, during my breakfast routine (which is staring at a computer screen - kind of sad given that is my daily routine also, but…addicted to the internet, ‘kay? Judge me not) I found myself looking at a response from him. After a deep breath, I opened it and found that it was a joyous welcoming excited email, everything that I had, in my secret heart, not expected to receive.

In that moment the anger I had felt for so much of my life dissipated like fog in the sun.

Suddenly there were emails, and then a phone conversation and I discovered that I quite like my father, and we get on very well.

(So let's keep things neutral/Stick to topics that won't bug us)

He’s been veg*n for many years and that’s somewhere we really connected - it’s such a joy to share that view of the world, not to have to explain the whys and wherefores of such a major part of my life.

The timing seemed to be very right, because it turned out that he was coming to Sydney soon after we first spoke and so we arranged to have dinner.

I had been told for years by my mother that I shared characteristics with him, and my aunt had stared at me the first time we met when I was an adult, stopping me occasionally to point out what I was doing that was his gesture or tone, so I was really on the lookout for that when he and I met for dinner.

Holy shit. Years of looking in the mirror and seeing his dimly remembered face in my face had not prepared for the way we move our hands, for the pauses in our sentences, for the faces that we pull, for the sharing of so many of our mannerisms, and I found joy and pride in that which we share. We are all made up of those who made us, and if I share so much with Bharti, I share just as much with Anne, and am incredibly thankful for having had such odd and highly individual people be the source of my genetic material.

Bharti and I speak every Sunday evening now. It’s been really freeing for me and it’s a gift that he is so willing now to be part of my life and let me be part of his.

Sometimes I’m a little saddened that I didn’t do this earlier, but on the other hand, the timing is right when the timing is right, so this time was the right time.

Oh, and he reads this blog, so *waves* hi, Bharti!! Talk to you on Sunday!

Happy Father’s Day!

(See, if we never had a problem/ Then that's what life would be like/ Easy/ Uncomplicated/ Cool)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So, I had a great time recently answering a bunch of questions about myself on Facebook, and some friends pointed out that I should blog something other than recipes/food stuff again, and I found that I agreed with them, so I decided to resurrect this blog, so hi!

There will be more stuff. Soon. Probably.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Supernatural Convention 2009 - Picspam

*dusts off old blog*


*is covered in dust*

Okay, I'm resurrecting this blog so that I can post some photos from the very awesome Supernatural convention that I went to this past weekend. Don't know if I'll tell any stories, but I do have some photos from the Q&A sessions, where Susan and I had ridiculously brilliant seating - centre aisle, first two seats on the right. Guh. Awesome.

Note - for some reason I really enjoy taking photos on an angle, all artsy and stuff. The pretty remains the same, you just have to tilt your head...Also, I chose to take photos without a flash, so they're a little grainy.

Photos from both days, randomly sorted - starting with ridiculously lovely, totally made the weekend for me because of his being so nice (He liked my piercings! He took some time to talk to me about being a vegan chef! He seems to be really genuinely sweet!), Misha "Castiel" Collins.

Misha's foot positions during the Q&A made me giggle

Also, his hands are beautiful and delicate and artistic and did I mention that Misha was totally my favourite guest at the convention?

Misha joined Jensen and Jared on stage and was given the lowest chair in the world...

I took way more photos of Jared and Jensen than I did of Misha - I kept forgetting to take photos of Misha because he was so awesome - so this next section may take a while.

Jared discovered and really liked Fantales. This made for funny moments when they got stuck in his teeth - I missed most of those, but his eating-Fantales faces were cool.

Eyelashes!! *iz ded*

Lucky, lucky, lucky pen cap....


Jensen is ridiculously good looking in person. Ridiculously, mind numbingly, can't talk, holy motherfuck, completely unapproachable good looking. He also took a while to warm up during his Q&A. But damn, does he photograph well...Even in a grandpa vest.

I didn't get many shots of the Jensen and Jared show, I was too busy laughing like a loon. Got a couple of pictures that I liked...

Eyeroll FTW!!

In conclusion, a great weekend, full of some cool memories (I made some vegan sweets for the exclusive afternoon tea, and Misha and Jared both ate some and were nice enough to be complimentary to me about them [thank you Yatesy and Leishkin for pointing me out to them!!] - totally worth the work I put into catering!!) I really hope that there'll be another Supernatural convention in the future, definitely including Misha. Jensen and Jared were the reason for my going, but Misha was brilliant and totally the sort of person I would love to share a beer and a long slightly pretentious conversation with one day. Great weekend.

Here endeth the picspam.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

And this is why I'm not listening to my music collection...

The weirdest thing about being in a relationship with someone with whom you appear to share a brain is no longer being in a relationship with someone with whom you appear to share a brain. They write a beautiful and funny piece about music and relationships, and it says more about what's been going on than anything you've written and then deleted in the last month.

So here's to 2006 - more highs and lows than any year should decently hold. More wonder and more love. More joy and more pain. Full of change and thunder and signifying...that whole big life thing.

It's been something special.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I love lamp.

I've started a new blog (yes, another one...) for all of my (and your) vegan cooking needs. Given that I cook every night (pretty much) and bake fairly regularly, and am just kinda obsessed with food, and am doing this whole weird low GI thing, I'm sure ZB's Vegan Recipes will get updated pretty often!!

More later. Must go and take photos of food...

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Health and other night time creatures

It's been an odd and busy couple of months...

I've moved in with my boyfriend (*gulp*)'s scary and daunting and wonderful and different and the same and...yeah. New experience for me, so it's

I saw Dr David Suzuki give a speech - terrifying, confronting, depressing, but ultimately hopeful. The man is not only inspiring and incredibly funny, but very very charming and sexy (though I've always thought that, so...)

I turned 31, which was fun and only a little frazzled and stressful. I got some great presents:

A ticket to Underland from my half sister - it was the first time I've ever seen a dance piece live, and it was really good. Nick Cave's music was adapted really well for a dance piece - and the use of the Ship Song alleviated my ongoing loathing of that song, at least for the length of the piece.

Blossoming Lotus cookbook from the 'boss...despite the initial shock of being presented with some Live Food recipes (I find the Live Food movement a little confronting, despite it being so closely linked with veganism. I don't know why I find it confronting, I just, you know, do...) I found the cookbook bloody brilliant. I'm looking forward to playing with it - I've already made the mayonnaise recipe, which was disturbingly perfect first time...

The first graphic novel of the Lucifer series from TheAmerican - really good, and now I have to get the rest of them (*curses*)!!

The second season of Coupling - probably my favourite of the four seasons...though they are all brilliant in their own ways.

A gorgeous jewellery box from Mighty Ogbo - lovely complement to my necklace box, which was getting awfully full!!

I also went a little crazy at Amazon recently - thanks to Mighty Ogbo, and the graces of Channel Four, who finally brought the series out on dvd, I got a copy of Nightingales. Yayayayayayayayay!! I cannot recommend this series enough - take a chance and check it out. You won't regret the experience.

I also got a whole lot of Whedonverse related stuff - Fray, Tales of the Slayers, Tales of the Vampires, Astonishing X Men Volume 2 - Dangerous, Serenity - The Official Visual Companion, Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Origin, and the Firefly Visual Companion Volume 1.

And, of course, Season Two of Veronica Mars. Season Three starts in a week or so, on the new US network, CW. I am in no way very excited about this...ach, who am I kidding, eh?

On a non consumerismyay! note, I recently got diagnosed as being insulin resistant, which is kind of daunting, but also knowing it is a bit of a relief. If I can reverse this situation over the next few years, I'll avoid developing Type 2 diabetes in my later years.

I have been a bit frustrated over the last few years during my efforts to improve my health by losing weight - I haven't really lost more than 5 kilos in weight at any time - and it turns out that this is part of the insulin resistance. My body is just constantly producing insulin fat cells and sugars into my blood, and without diagnosis and assistance, and no matter how healthy my diet and how much exercise I was doing, I was never going to lose much weight. It's kind of nice to know it wasn't just me being crap and lazy that meant that my weight never really changed.

I'm on a new eating regime of no snacking, three meals a day, with at least a five hour break between meals. This is really psychologically difficult for me, as I've been used to getting hypoglycemic between meals, and essentially being a grazer, rather than a "main meals" kind of gal.

I'm also moving to a low GI diet, which isn't actually a huge change from my current diet. Being vegan, I consume a lot of vegetables, and have been moving away from processed foods and trying to consume more complex carbohydrates anyway. So I have some adjustments to make - like more protein and less sugar - but it shouldn't be too hard. Though the whole avoiding potatoes thing is just a little bit depressing, really...

And finally, I'm on medication, called metformin. I'm fairly sure this stuff ain't vegan, but then neither is the pill. It's all about ethical lines in the sand, people...Which is why I shouldn't judge the Live Food folks, isn't it? *sigh* I'll get there eventually, I'm sure.

Anyhoo, this medication is usually prescribed to diabetics, but it assists in reducing the insulin levels in the body (which I need, given that my insulin is 70, and normal is between 20 and 40). One of the side effects of taking this medication, in combination with diet changes and such, will be weight loss, which is...scary. But good for my health. But scary.

This whole thing is really quite daunting, and confronting. I've never really been seriously sick, so this is a bit of a shock. It's also really positive, as now I know why I've been exhausted and feeling crap and blah all of the time, especially over the last 18 to 24 months. Thankfully, I should only need to be on the new regime for 2 or 3 years, and hopefully by that point my metabolism will have reset itself (there's nothing quite like CTRL ALT DELETE-ing your body, eh?) So it's not a lifetime illness, for which I am incredibly grateful.

I have been planning on starting a recipe blog, as I'm crazy cooking lady at the moment, and I think that it's going to become more important to me as I go through this process to do that. I do, however, still have to buy a digital camera, so I guess it'll still be a while away. Keep an eye out, though, 'kay? In the meantime, check out Vegan Lunchbox - it's a blast! It's not being updated that often at the moment, but the archives are great.

And finally...I'm disturbingly obsessed with the movie version of Chicago. As in, bought the soundtrack and have been listening to it constantly. HELP! (But not really, cos I'm having way too much fun listening to it!)

Back soon, and with many more tales of wackiness and spine chilling custard...


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