Monday, April 20, 2009

Supernatural Convention 2009 - Picspam

*dusts off old blog*


*is covered in dust*

Okay, I'm resurrecting this blog so that I can post some photos from the very awesome Supernatural convention that I went to this past weekend. Don't know if I'll tell any stories, but I do have some photos from the Q&A sessions, where Susan and I had ridiculously brilliant seating - centre aisle, first two seats on the right. Guh. Awesome.

Note - for some reason I really enjoy taking photos on an angle, all artsy and stuff. The pretty remains the same, you just have to tilt your head...Also, I chose to take photos without a flash, so they're a little grainy.

Photos from both days, randomly sorted - starting with ridiculously lovely, totally made the weekend for me because of his being so nice (He liked my piercings! He took some time to talk to me about being a vegan chef! He seems to be really genuinely sweet!), Misha "Castiel" Collins.

Misha's foot positions during the Q&A made me giggle

Also, his hands are beautiful and delicate and artistic and did I mention that Misha was totally my favourite guest at the convention?

Misha joined Jensen and Jared on stage and was given the lowest chair in the world...

I took way more photos of Jared and Jensen than I did of Misha - I kept forgetting to take photos of Misha because he was so awesome - so this next section may take a while.

Jared discovered and really liked Fantales. This made for funny moments when they got stuck in his teeth - I missed most of those, but his eating-Fantales faces were cool.

Eyelashes!! *iz ded*

Lucky, lucky, lucky pen cap....


Jensen is ridiculously good looking in person. Ridiculously, mind numbingly, can't talk, holy motherfuck, completely unapproachable good looking. He also took a while to warm up during his Q&A. But damn, does he photograph well...Even in a grandpa vest.

I didn't get many shots of the Jensen and Jared show, I was too busy laughing like a loon. Got a couple of pictures that I liked...

Eyeroll FTW!!

In conclusion, a great weekend, full of some cool memories (I made some vegan sweets for the exclusive afternoon tea, and Misha and Jared both ate some and were nice enough to be complimentary to me about them [thank you Yatesy and Leishkin for pointing me out to them!!] - totally worth the work I put into catering!!) I really hope that there'll be another Supernatural convention in the future, definitely including Misha. Jensen and Jared were the reason for my going, but Misha was brilliant and totally the sort of person I would love to share a beer and a long slightly pretentious conversation with one day. Great weekend.

Here endeth the picspam.

Glad the catering went so well, congratulations :)
GREAT photos, GREAT writeup! I am so pleased you got to go to this, *and* to cater it! I also hope i'm in the position to go to a SPN con with you guys some day :)
D'oh! I forgot to mention the awesome help Susan gave me with the catering - totally would not have done it without her - and also that going to the con with her as the Vegan Supernatural Fangirl Mafia was awesomely Good Times!

@Mim - thanks, it was exhausting but so worth it! Would be great to do again!

@Nic - Glad you liked it! It would be so brilliant to have an expanded Vegan Supernatural Fangirl Mafia group to go to a (hopefully some day to happen) future SPN con together!
holy crap they are so gorgeous!! great pictures. i'm loving the beards, they should keep them!!
great pics they are so gorgeous. *sigh*
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